Sounds perfect Luca -- thanks for the clarification!

On Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 9:20 AM Luca Toscano <> wrote:
Hi Isaac,

Il giorno mer 10 lug 2019 alle ore 16:14 Isaac Johnson <>
ha scritto:

> Hey Luca,
> We discussed this in Research and it all sounds good to us with one
> question below. If something else arises, we'll ping you. Thanks for the
> heads up!
> > We assumed that instructing Spark to use a predefined
> range of random ports was not possible, but in
> we discovered that there is a
> way
> (that seems to work fine from our tests).
> Will we need to change anything in our configuration or will this be
> automatic?

On the stat hosts the change is already live and your new spark sessions
will pick it up automatically, on the notebooks we'll need to restart the
spark sessions before enabling the firewall. I am planning to contact all
the owners of a Spark session on notebook100[3,4], so if anybody sees an
email from me then there will be an action to do, otherwise none :)

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