My name is Tambe Tabitha Achere and I just got a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and I am pursuing a career in Data Science. I am Cameroonian.

I learnt how to code and Data science using books, videos and online tutorials. I code in Python. I know SQL too.

I think contributing to opensource and the exposure it gives me will be a good test of my knowledge. However, I tried contributing earlier and I was a little confused with how to use toolforge and how to get datasets from the dumps into analysis-friendly structures like Pandas Dataframes.

Are there areas of the codebase that needs analytical skills which I can contribute to which don't initially require a lot of knowledge about mediawiki customized tools? This will give me a softer landing as I start to contribute again.

Please let me know if there are any issues or projects you recommend.

Best regards,
Tambe Tabitha Achere.