Welcome, Charles. :)


On Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 4:08 PM, Toby Negrin <tnegrin@wikimedia.org> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Please extend a warm welcome to the newest member of the Analytics team, Charles Salvia. We're really excited to have Charles on the team! 

In his own words:

Charles Salvia is a software engineer/open-source enthusiast who has been programming computers since the days of MS-DOS.  Charles worked for a (very small) startup, where he developed a search-engine and webcrawler from scratch, and spent plenty of time researching natural language processing, computational morphology, and machine learning, which eventually landed him a job working at Bloomberg working on web-crawlers and pattern recognition algorithms.  Charles regularly posts on Stackoverflow, and contributes to the Boost C++ project, as well as WebKit.  Charles can be contacted atcsalvia@wikimedia.org.

He'll be working out of New York. Welcome to the Foundation, Charles!


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