Jon, I think I added confusion to this because I forgot the history.  Basically Yuvi originally wrote this with limnpy.  When we deployed to stat1 we had to get rid of limnpy because it depends on pandas.  I agree with you, we should standardize how people should interact with limn, and I have an idea that I think might work.  Let's talk about it offline, but the gist is:

Instead of adding this to the dashboard:

"graph_ids": [

you could add this:

"graph_ids": [
    {"title": "Thanks Daily", "datafile_url": ""},
    {"title": "Menu Daily", "datafile_url": ""},
    {"title": "Watchlist Activity", "datafile_url": ""},
    {"title": "Diff Activity", "datafile_url": ""}

And limn could do the rest for you using the logic on this page:

What do you think?  Would this be useful?  It seems like a simple change and I'd love to get it done for you, if it'll make your life easier.  If it's not simple I'll abandon it and we'll all dislike limn just a little bit more :)

Some more context for people unfamiliar:

Right now, to get a graph:

1. write some sql and maybe python to extract data from EventLogging and MediaWiki dbs into a simple csv datafile
2. change the yaml file to define how often the datafile is generated
3. deploy the sql / python / yaml changes to stat1
4. create a datasource that is metadata for the datafile
5. create a graph that is visualizing one datasource
6. edit the dashboard to reference the new graph
7. deploy the metadata files to limn0

We are working on making wikimetrics replace 1, 2, and 3.  This will not happen right away but card 1376 in mingle is a big step towards it.  The idea above makes 4 and 5 go away.

On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 1:25 PM, Jon Robson <> wrote:
I was a bit irritated yesterday to learn that we can automate the
creation of Limn graphs and speed up the process.

I had become so tired of manually copying and pasting existing graphs
and manually editing them to work for a new graph that I knocked up a
script to do this for me. The script simply took an SQL query and the
config file and generates all the necessary JSON files for it so that
it shows up on the Limn dashboard.

With this script I was able to generate 5 graphs in the time it takes
me to generate 1.

However since uploading the script [1] I have now learnt other scripts
like this exist. Please can we standardise on a way to generate these
graphs (either locally or on the server) and detail it in the README
to make this whole process of graph generation nicer for everyone

I've added some graphs (which should update soon) that show activity
in the left navigation menu, on the watchlist page and on the diff
page. We had this data so it seemed silly not to display it somewhere.
When the data becomes available you'll notice that interestingly
'Home' link in the main menu is our most widely used feature. It will
be great to see how that changes when search becomes available on
special pages. Likewise random is a very widely used feature - we
should continue experimenting with that and try and use it to engage
new editors.


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