I have been talking with a lot of you in the past months and at Wikimania about Limn and how to move forward. One of the recurring themes has been that currently Limn is written in Coca and that significantly hinders adoption as there are very few Coco developers (Coco is a fork of Coffeescript).

I have sent this email to mobile-tech, e2 and e3 mailinglists as well because there are many developers outside of the Analytics team who use Limn and I would really like to hear their opinion as well.

 So the question I want to pose is:

"Should we recompile Limn to either Coffeescript or Javascript or keep using Coco?"

This question is getting more urgent because of two reasons:

1) The Analytics team is going to grow in the coming months and we expect to start developing features for Limn again and if we want to drop Coco as dependency then this is probably the best time to talk about it.

2) It seems that the community around Coco is stagnant maybe even on the decline.  When visiting https://github.com/satyr/coco you can see that there are very few  commits in the last 4 months. This could either mean that the language is feature complete and bug free or more likely that the decline has started. For the long-term prospects of Limn, this is not good news.

I would like to run a strawpoll and please respond to this thread by answering with either Javascript, Coffeescript or Coco and optionally a short explanation.