The spike is also expected, I think. Wikidata and bots went like this:

* Status quo: dozens of interwiki bots making rare maintenance edits to lots of articles
* Wikidata appears; the interwiki bots are no longer needed. The regular interwiki maintenance jobs are stopped, meaning dozens of bots stop doing anything, mostly overnight.
* Because Wikidata is now working, 95%+ of in-text wikilinks are obsolete and can be removed. A couple of bots do this over a few weeks, editing the vast majority of articles across all projects to remove the text interwikis - so the overall bot edits go up despite number of bots going down.
* New status quo: no mass removal needed any more, and no regular maintenance jobs going on.


On Friday, 17 January 2014, Dario Taraborelli <> wrote:
Indeed, I should have looked up the Wikidata milestone timeline.

I added a series of total daily edit counts by registered bots and it spikes right after the bulk shutdown of interwiki bots.

On Jan 16, 2014, at 11:33 PM, Denny Vrandečić <> wrote:

Wikidata. No interwiki bots needed anymore :)

On Thu Jan 16 2014 at 8:09:41 PM, Dario Taraborelli <> wrote:
I noticed that the number of daily unique registered bots with at least 1 ns0 edit on enwiki saw a steep drop in February 2013. Does anybody have a clue about the cause, before I dig further into this data?

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Analytics mailing list

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