Dear Analytics team,

The general legibility of Charts in wikipedia are relatively poor.
We can improve it with making them more interactive and dynamic.
Please refer to the Chart in the attachment (Boloid Events.jpg).

The chart represents the distribution of Bolide events from 1994-2013 on the world map.
The legend describe the magnitude of each event in Joules.
From the chart can you count the number of 10GJ Bolide events in Africa?
You can count, but we take an awfully long time to find the answer.

If we were to make the legend Interactive and the world map dynamic, we can improve legibility.
We should making all the values (1 GJ, 10GJ etc) in the legend as clickable buttons.
On clicking say 10kJ the World Map should show Boloid Events of 10GJ magnitude and remove the rest. This will make it easier to answer my earlier question.