> Productionize Wikimetrics
> Update Wikimetrics Serialization
> Calculate Mobile Browser Breakdown
> Duplicate WIkipedia Zero Dashboard Creation on Hadoop
> Run Scheduled Reports via Wikimetrics

Which of these can be done by people outside the team?

Technically any of them.  A volunteer could sign an NDA and have the same access team members do.  But without an NDA, the most obvious tasks available to anyone are anything Wikimetrics.  It was done on top of labs db partly for this reason. 

I guess it may make sense to leave the team to do the current sprint and have others work on the backlog where possible? (vs. having everyone just do the current sprint items)

If someone's interested in work, just talk to me (milimetric on IRC).  I'll help coordinate and find you something you like doing. 

I just clicked on one task that looked interesting: "Duplicate WIkipedia Zero Dashboard Creation on Hadoop". Its unclear how much access is required to do that task. stat1 is enough? is either the legacy sampled logs/dashboard or the new unsampled hadoop infra deployed in labs?

For that one, someone would need access to the hadoop cluster, so analytics10**.eqiad.wmnet and knowledge of the current wikipedia zero dashboard process (which is a few python scripts and some shell scripts).  But feel free to ask me about any of the tasks on IRC or here.