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On Mon, 23 Mar 2020 at 19:24, Jonathan Morgan <> wrote:
The WMF Research team has published a new pageview report of inbound traffic coming from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.[1]

The report contains a list of all articles that received at least 500 views from one or more of these platforms (i.e. someone clicked a link on Twitter that sent them directly to a Wikipedia article). The report is available on-wiki and will be updated daily at around 14:00 UTC with traffic counts from the previous calendar day.

We believe this report provides editors with a valuable new information source. Daily inbound social media traffic stats can help editors monitor edits to articles that are going viral on social media sites and/or are being linked to by the social media platform itself in order to fact-check disinformation and other controversial content[2][3].

The social media traffic report also contains additional public article metadata that may be useful in the context of monitoring articles that are receiving unexpected attention from social media sites, such as...
  • the total number of pageviews (from all sources) that article received in the same period of time
  • the number of pageviews the article received from the same platform (e.g. Facebook) the previous day (two days ago)
  • the number of editors who have the page on their watchlist
  • the number of editors who have watchlisted the page AND recently visited it
We want your feedback! We have some ideas of our own for how to improve the report, but we want to hear yours! If you have feature suggestions, please add them here.[4] We intend to maintain this daily report for at least the next two months. If we receive feedback that the report is useful, we are considering making it available indefinitely.

If you have other questions about the report, please first check out our (still growing) FAQ [5]. All questions, comments, concerns, ideas, etc. are welcome on the project talkpage on Meta.[4]



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