I am sorry, I have a bit of a backlog with sending the Sprint Showcase summaries. Here is the update for the sprint that ended on October 2nd.

Slidedeck is available at https://docs.google.com/a/wikimedia.org/presentation/d/1XsSRJkJKacoWg5sbPSkpBwzFlvNAvyHjSTdvuTRBKwQ/edit#slide=id.p

## Defects & Features completed (Ready for Showcase/Shipping/Done) during Sprint ending 2013-10-02 ##

# Name Type Customer Estimate
1137 [Bug 53806] Clarify zero markers in squid logs for IPs that should not get one Defect Dan Foy - Wikipedia Zero 5
646 Bingle Feature Diederik van Liere - Analytics 5
1133 Hive Partitioning w Camus and JSON SerDe Infrastructure Task Diederik van Liere - Analytics
1155 Total Active Editors Feature Erik Moeller - Executive Office 1
1088 [Bug 53155] Search datasource is not working Defect Jessie Wild - Learning & Evaluation 1
1091 [Bug 53177] Create graph feature not working Defect Jessie Wild - Learning & Evaluation 2
1183 Confidential Work Feature Jessie Wild - Learning & Evaluation 5
1087 [Bug 53118] Large drop in historical total active editors numbers Defect Tilman Bayer - Communications
701 Measure survival of an editor Feature Dario Taraborelli - Analytics 13
1067 [Bug 51566] Limn: expose tab names in URL Defect Dario Taraborelli - Analytics 3
1109 [Bug 53417] Deduplication of usernames should happen on combination of username,project Defect Diederik van Liere - Analytics 1
1166 Time-series wide format for csv output Feature Jessie Wild - Learning & Evaluation 2
1186 Datetime picker in UI Feature Jessie Wild - Learning & Evaluation 2

## Current Sprint (ending 2013-10-16) ##
(Name, Customer, Estimate, Project Name)

1189 [Bug 54779] Webrequest, mobile, and zero request stream lacking mf-m=a and mf-m=b markers Analytics Done  
1128 Orange Madagascar Wikpedia Zero Dashboard Dan Foy - Wikipedia Zero Done 2
1180 Metrics Meeting October Erik Moeller - Executive Office Done 1
1184 Fix broken cronjob for mobile reports Erik Moeller - Executive Office Done  
1203 [Bug 55527] the Wikidata stats are not available Community Done 1
1204 [Bug 55528] Please collect statistics for the Vietnamese Wikivoyage Commnity Done 1
1163 [Bug 54358] Make "Select Cohort" button actually select cohort for metric selection Jessie Wild - Learning & Evaluation Done 1
699 Measure milestones achieved by an editor (threshold) Dario Taraborelli - Analytics Showcasing 5

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