<quote name="Ori Livneh" date="2014-03-20" time="03:52:01 -0700">
> At about 2014-03-18 00:04 UTC, db1047 stopped accepting incoming
> connections. At some point during the subsequent hour, MariaDB had either
> crashed or been manually restarted. Sean noticed that the database was
> choking on some queries from the researchers and notified the wmfresearch
> list.

Can someone from Analytics own this post-mortem and put it on the wiki:

Please add specific next steps (with bug#, RT#s, or gerrit urls), even
(especially) things you haven't done yet and are just "nice to have".

I think the "switch over" to this being owned by the Analytics team has not been officially done yet.  We're going to talk about it early next week.  Until then, I'd like to defer this task as we have to meet our other commitments.