Hi Erik,

No rush. I'm glad to establish communications with another branch of the Wikiverse. If I'm just browsing arbitrary categories by traffic, I have some code I run that is similar to the TreeView explorer hosted on the tool server. Mine just has a few extra features I need for manually merging subcategories. For example, the cuisine categories aren't as consistently structured as the film categories. That code polls each page manually from the stats.groke.se API though, which can get pretty slow for large subcategories (like films). So when I'm exploring trends in media like films, books, albums, songs, video games, TV series, etc. I have some separate code. It grabs the raw hourly files for the past 2-3 days, makes a hash table of all of the articles from the large subcategories I check frequently using the fast MediaWiki API, and then scans the hourly files once filling in the hash table traffic info. Then I saw your compressed monthly summary files and figured that would be even faster than downloading 2-3 days of the hourly files. I'll keep an eye out.

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Hi Michael,


Thanks for your offer, I appreciate it.

I've been quite busy in recent weeks , but haven't forgotten abouth these compressed dumps, and will look into it soon (less than a week).






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I'm inquiring about the delay for publishing the January compressed Wikistats files that are maintained by Erik Zachte. I'm guessing those processes are given a low priority compared to the content backups that need to run. More generally, I'm interested in finding new ways that I can help out. I'm an ex-Microsoftie who is now on the fraud analytics team at TD Bank. I've been involved with the Wikimedia group in Atlanta. I organize the picnic each summer, and helped get the rest of the historic buildings photographed. I've dabbled in reverting vandalism, and I contribute to articles when I actually have something to contribute. I don't feel like I've settled into a contributor role that really fits me yet though.

I enjoy using a variety of the traffic data sets that Wikimedia publishes. It seems the traffic servers get bogged down sometimes though. Can I help? Should I try to get the Atlanta group to pool our donations this year for an extra computer?


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