I think the question of paid developer time is somewhat orthogonal to that of language choice, save for one element. In general you don't want to be the biggest user of a given language/framework/what-have/you (I'm just going to say framework to keep it general) unless you're willing to upstream patches to that framework and forego the advantages of broad use. Sometimes that's valuable if the framework is particularly interesting but in almost all cases you'll want a paid developer working on the project in a serious capacity. 

However if the project depends on more common and robust frameworks then the issue of a paid developer is less of a problem. If we were choosing between coffeescript and JavaScript, it wouldn't really come up. 

As for the language choice, I'd recommend JS but the project is large enough that rebuilding it in a different language may be too much.


On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 9:45 AM, Christian Aistleitner <christian@quelltextlich.at> wrote:

On Fri, Aug 09, 2013 at 10:18:12AM +0200, Diederik van Liere wrote:
> I would like to run a strawpoll and please respond to this thread by
> answering with either Javascript, Coffeescript or Coco [...]

Coco comes with some syntactic sugar, but since Coco is not one of the
standard languages I assume the choice for Coco back then means that
Coco comes with real killer features that make Coco like a perfect
match for limn.

We would have to make up for those features when switching to other

However, doing a quick search for the Coco choice on limn, I could not
find any such discussion.

Is there some writeup on why Coco has been chosen, or which aspects of
Coco/limn make them a perfect match?

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