I believe that Android will run on desktops. Would Android desktops account for the nonzero number?

See http://www.pcworld.com/article/2048220/hybrid-hijinks-how-to-install-android-on-your-pc.html


On Jul 24, 2014 5:37 PM, "Dan Garry" <dgarry@wikimedia.org> wrote:

So I've been rooting around in ServerSideAccountCreation and I've noticed some inconsistencies in the data. The final two clauses in the WHERE in the following query should be mutually exclusive (registered on Android app, and registered not on mobile), but the number returned is nonzero.

SELECT count(*)
FROM ServerSideAccountCreation_5487345
WHERE timestamp >= 20140722000000
AND timestamp <= 20140723000000
AND userAgent like 'WikipediaApp%'
AND event_displayMobile = 0

I'm sure you guys get data inconsistencies like this all the time, but I thought I should at least report it so you're aware.


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