Hi Christy,


We used the heat map because we were interested in seeing the correlation between every two languages, so it was the obvious choice. I think that when you use Chord or Network diagram you are more interested to visualizing the relations between the nodes and also the overall structure. For our results, this wouldn't have been a good visualization because every node is connected to all other nodes. 
Maybe we could have used a threshold of some sort to use for a network diagram visualization, I haven't tried it.

Do you think there is a better way to present the results?


On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 9:25 AM, E.C Okpo <ecokpo@gmail.com> wrote:
Amir and Neta, 

This is interesting research! 

What was the visualization decision process like? I've often seen large inter-connections visualized using Chord or Network diagrams, did you decide on a heat map because of some peculiarities of this dataset? 


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