There is an intentional 3-month max date range for this tool, given it can make hundreds of API queries. I'm not sure if this restriction actually helps with performance, maybe others could shed light on this? E.g. We're making the same number of queries either way, so does it matter how wide the range is?

To get the most recent data, omit the start and end parameters from the URL and instead use "range=latest-N" where N is the number of days. E.g. This shows the latest 90 days of data:

See the URL documentation for more info:

On Sep 5, 2016 4:11 PM, "Daniel Mietchen" <> wrote:
I am trying to get
to work but it always ends up just showing me
, i.e. a shortened time range.

How can I get it to work such that more recent stats become available?

I would also like to use it with a date string that points somewhere
into the future (e.g.
), so that I can follow the developments more easily with one and the
same link all the time.

Thanks for any pointers,


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