(permanent): <client side> -(anything)-> bits.wikimedia.org -(0mq/)-> Scribe -> Kraken
Cool!  Just FYI, Scribe has not been 100% chosen.  Whatever we end up using will be usable in a similar way, so there's no harm in referring to this piece as 'Scribe'.  Just wanted you to be aware.

Ori, I'm sure you guys have discussed this at length already, but I'm just curious.  Why ZeroMQ?  Find me on IRC sometime and tell me how cool it is.

Mark has also requested that this be properly packaged and puppetized.  Ori will be using labs at a test for this setup
Ori, this is where I can help!  When you go about puppetizing, I would love to help you figure out the best way to do it and where to put things.  

we should probably take the opportunity to get this running on a single varnish machine while we have an engineer willing to do the lifting, packaging and puppetization.
I have a labs instance that I have been playing with for logging changes.  There is a varnish instance running there.  Ori, if you want, you are welcome to use it to test out your changes.  Lemme know and I can give you access.  Or hm, does anyone know if there is a way to clone labs instances?  That would be pretty handy, eh?