The Wikimedia Research Hackathon on August 6 and 7 takes place parallel to the general Wikimania Hackathon in London.

Wikimania Hackathon information is available at

Research Hackathon information is available at,_2014

From the Research Hackathon info page: this "is an opportunity for anyone interested in research on wikis, Wikipedia, and other open collaborations to meet, share ideas, and work together. It's being organized by researchers in academia and the Wikimedia Foundation, but we want anyone interested in research to participate. Whether or not you consider yourself a researcher, or would ever want to be one, come with questions, answers, data, code, crazy ideas... or just your insatiable curiosity."

Local participation will occur at Wikimania London and in Philadelphia, PA, US. Remote participation is possible and will include researchers and community members globally.

Please see the Research Hackathon information page for scheduling and sign-up details.

Further questions may be directed to Aaron Halfaker ( or Leila Zia (*


*A $1 fine will be imposed by Oliver Keyes on anyone who misspells Leila's name or misdirects emails to the WMF Executive Director.