I am publishing a paper reporting the impact of distributing information on Wikipedia.

One of the values which I am reporting is the pageviews of a set of English Wikipedia articles as measured from 2013 to 2015. I get pageviews from stats.grok.se. As I understand, numbers there have not always included mobile device pageviews.

What is best estimate of the count of mobile device pageviews as can be derived from the stats.grok.se pageview count? I think that I read somewhere for this range, mobile device pageviews have been supposed to be anywhere from 40% of the grok.se views to 120% of that value.

What is the most reasonable range to report for mobile device pageviews of English Wikipedia articles from 2013-2015? Is 40-120% of the stats.grok.se report the most reasonable range to report?

I need to report something. If there is any precedent for expressing this somewhere then I would like to follow the precedent and cite whatever paper described it.


Lane Rasberry
user:bluerasberry on Wikipedia