Are there any easy to see statistics about the survival rate of newly-created pages in Wikipedias in different languages?

I need this for understanding the success of ContentTranslation, which is primarily an article creation tool

I couldn't find something like this in stats.wikimedia.org. It does have the number of created pages per day. For en.wikipedia, for example, it's about 800. But how many are deleted the same day ("speedy")? Knowing that alone would be very useful, and there are other possible questions, such as: How many are deleted within a week or a month? What is the age distribution of the articles that are deleted every day - how many of them were created the same day, how many were created a year ago, and so on.

Using a simple (and possibly wrong - I don't do this often) query,[1] I found that around 500 or 600 deletions happen each day in the English Wikipedia. Does this sound sensible? Is there a better query that I could run, or a dashboard where I could see such a thing conveniently? And of course, I'd love to see it for all languages and not just English.

Thanks for any help!

[1] SELECT max(ar_id), ar_title, ar_timestamp FROM `archive` WHERE ar_namespace = 0 and ar_timestamp between 20150521000000 and 20150521999999 group by ar_title ORDER BY NULL;

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