Great job Luca. Thank you very much.

I have started to diversify all WMDE Analytics jobs (mainly Wikidata related things) across the stat100* machines.
While I still mainly use stat1007, two modules of the WDCM system are already migrated to stat1004.


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On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 4:33 AM Neil Shah-Quinn <> wrote:
Thank you very much, Luca!

To make this nice documentation easier to discover, I moved it to Analytics/Systems/Clients along with the other information on the clients from Analytics/Data access.

On Tue, 18 Feb 2020 at 17:11, Isaac Johnson <> wrote:
Thanks for pulling together these directions Luca! I did a little clean-up and will try to remember to do so more routinely.

Adding to what Diego said, I also started using stat1007 because it has the most access to resources (dumps, Hadoop, MariaDB), and then my virtual environments, config files, etc. are there and so I tend to do all of my work on stat1007 even when the other stat machines might work for other projects. Putting the GPU on stat1005 helped me diversify a little but I'm very excited to hear that the stat machines will be more standardized so it matters less which machine I choose. While I have no desire to be spread out across the machines (a few projects on stat1004, a few on stat1005, etc.) because then I'll certainly lose track of where different projects are, I would be open to trying to choose another host as my "main" workspace.


On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 10:53 AM Andrew Otto <> wrote:
I added a 'GPU?' column too. :)  THANKS LUCA!

On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 11:51 AM Luca Toscano <> wrote:
Hey Diego,

added a section at the end of the page with the info requested, let me know if anything is missing :)


Il giorno mar 18 feb 2020 alle ore 17:37 Diego Saez-Trumper <> ha scritto:
Thanks for this Luca.

I tend to use stat1007 because I know that machine has a lot of ram/cpu and HDFS access. From other statsX I'm not sure which of them have what resources (I know at least one of them doesn't have HDFS access). There is a table where I can look at a summary of resources per machine?

Thanks again.

On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 8:53 AM Luca Toscano <> wrote:
Hi everybody!

It contains two FAQ:
- How do I ensure that there is enough space on disk before storing big datasets/files ?
- How do I check the space used by my files/data on stat/notebook hosts ?

Please read them and let me know if anything is not clear or missing. We have plenty of space on stat100X hosts, but we tend to cluster on single machines like stat1007 for some reason, ending up in fighting for resources.

On a related note, we are going to work on unifying stat/notebook puppet configs in, so eventually all Analytics clients will be exactly the same.


Luca (on behalf of the Analytics team)

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