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Just a reminder that this will start at 11:30 AM (Pacific), 18:30 UTC.


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Hi Everyone,

The next Research Showcase will be live-streamed this Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 11:30 AM (PST) 18:30 UTC. 

YouTube stream:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMENRAkeHnQ

As usual, you can join the conversation on IRC at #wikimedia-research. And, you can watch our past research showcases here.

This month's presentation:

Conversation Corpora, Emotional Robots, and Battles with Bias
By Lucas Dixon (Google/Jigsaw)
I'll talk about interesting experimental setups for doing large-scale analysis of conversations in Wikipedia, and what it even means to grapple with the concept of conversation when one is talking about revisions on talk pages. I'll also describe challenges with having good conversations at scale, some of the dreams one might have for AI in the space, and I'll dig into measuring unintended bias in machine learning and what one can do to make ML more inclusive. This talk will cover work from the WikiDetox project as well as ongoing research on the nature and impact of harassment in Wikipedia discussion spaces – part of a collaboration between Jigsaw, Cornell University, and the Wikimedia Foundation. The ML model training code, datasets, and the supporting tooling developed as part of this project are openly available.

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Sarah R. Rodlund
Senior Project Coordinator-Product & Technology, Wikimedia Foundation

Sarah R. Rodlund
Senior Project Coordinator-Product & Technology, Wikimedia Foundation

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