2021 dek 1, Chor, 17:24 Ben Tullis <btullis@wikimedia.org>:


I have to carry out some planned maintenance on jupyter to apply a small configuration change. The work involves stopping all user notebook servers on all stat100x boxes, so that they can be re-spawned with updated settings. Your jupyter notebook server will be automatically restarted the next time you try to access it, but the work will interrupt any running kernels and notebooks that you may be using at the time. You won't lose any code from the notebooks themselves, however.

I propose to carry out this work on at 10:00 UTC tomorrow, if that's acceptable.

If this is going to cause you any inconvenience, please let me know and I will either exclude your personal jupyter notebook server(s) from the process and work with you to find a more convenient time, or re-schedule the maintenance window altogether.

If you have any queries or comments, please do let me know.

Thanks and kind regards,

Ben Tullis (he/him)
Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Wikimedia Foundation
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