Hi Online Ambassadors and Campus Ambassadors!

I am emailing to request for urgent, emergency help from all of you who are able and willing. Can you dedicate 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours in the next week to help?

Here's the story: As you know, the Global Education Program is also operating in India. While some Indian students have contributed spectacular content, a large of number of the edits coming from the participating Indian students has been of extremely poor quality: copyright violations, unsourced paragraphs, paragraphs with blatant POV, incomprehensible English, new articles under a different name from an existing article, etc. The staff and Campus Ambassador team in India have been working extremely hard to combat these issues, and the English Wikipedia community at large has reverted or warned students repeatedly, but the problem persists. The biggest challenge is that the Online Ambassador team helping out India was just launched recently and is currently very small (we have about 1,000 students in the India program, but only about 30 Online Ambassadors dedicated to the India program). The problems are so extreme that we've asked all students to stop editing in the article namespace at this point and put any contributions into sandboxes.

So we urgently need your help for the India students now. Much of the poor content the students added in the last few months is already live on Wikipedia, and some students might continue adding poor content onto articles despite us telling them to edit only in sandboxes. Would you be willing to go through a few students' contributions, or a whole class's contributions, and delete any problematic material from the article namespace? That means things like:
* Removing any plagiarized material (this is often easy to spot, as they've cited the source they plagiarized from).
* Deleting articles that are duplications of existing articles.
* Moving any unsourced sentences to the talk page of the article or just deleting them.
* Deleting or moving to the talk page any additions to Wikipedia that are so poor English that they need serious editing help before they should be on-wiki.

At this point, it's less mentoring and more cleaning up Wikipedia -- we need swift action on removing problems from articles.

If you are willing and able to be part of this "Emergency India Ambassador Team," please email me back immediately. We can use ALL the help we can get, and we need help very urgently. Once you email me back, I will send you exact details on which class(s) we need your help with and how exactly to track student edits.

Thank you all very much. You all are doing amazingly as Ambassadors in the U.S. program, and major thanks in advance to those of you who help out with this more recent emergency.