Good afternoon (or evening), ambassadors!

As most of you know, the semester is underway at most universities in the US and Canada, and many of our professors have begun assigning their Wikipedia components to students. Thank you to all who have been responsive to the call to join the IRC chatrooms whenever available, as some students have started asking questions in there.

This semester, some professors have reached out to Online Ambassadors via the OA page on the USEP or CEP portals, and some OAs have selected classes that interest them by adding their names via the Course Pages.

For those of you who are still available to support one or more classes this semester, we still have some courses who need Online Ambassadors to meet this semester's standards for participation.

I've edited the OA talk page with a list of the courses that need Online Ambassadors. The links should take you to the course pages, where you can read about the class and determine if you're able to support it over the next few months. Students will likely start selecting articles and begin editing in the next few weeks, so we need to finalize ambassador support as soon as possible.

If you select a course to support, please add your username to the Course Pages and revise the OA talk page with the new number of OAs that class may need.

Some professors are adding their course pages randomly, so I will continue updating the OA talk page whenever possible, so we can try to support as many classes as possible this semester.

Thanks for all you do for the Wikipedia Education Program!

Happy course selecting,

Jami Mathewson
U.S. Education Program Associate
Wikimedia Foundation