Hey folks,

This is the 9th weekly update for the revision scoring team that we have sent to this mailing list.

The biggest news is that we've officially deployed the ORES review tool[1] to Persian Wikipedia and Wikidata[2,9].  We'll be posting a more complete announcement to Wikitech-l soon.  

New developments:
  • We generalized how the wsgi and celery applications are configured[4]
  • We fixed the way Special:Contributions is rendered so that the ORES review tool can work better there[6]

Maintenance and robustness:
  • We documented some downtime for the ORES production service[3]
  • We untangled and simplified our deployment repositories[5]
  • An issue with Wikilabels accepting too many labels for a single task is fixed[7]
  • We brought our deployment of ORES in the beta cluster closer to production[8]
  • We solved an issue with how the ORES extension populates scores[10]

Amir will be hosting a workshop for extending ORES support at Wikimania.  See https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T134628 for more details.

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