ORES has "article quality" models for English, Russian and French Wikipedia. There is a very short introduction in ORES description page.
But if I want to explain it my way. It'll give you a prediction of class of the article (A, B, C, FA, GA, stub, start) for a given revision. For example for this revision  ORES predicts that it's GA (which it is). 
The biggest use case for now is that people produce reports of articles needing reassessment for wikiprojects. The other use case is list of popular articles that ORES thinks their quality is low.

Your use case about ORES prediction is valid the second part is a little bit complicated though. For the first part, we have either option of a gadget or adding it to the ORES extension. If it's very important to let everyone see the scores, we can write a bot to update reports weekly in English Wikipedia for articles in a certain Wikiproject and we use these data in the WPP templates. Which one do you think suits English Wikipedia better?


On Sat, Jul 23, 2016 at 2:57 AM Pine W <wiki.pine@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi artificial intelligence people,

Are there baseline ORES scores available for articles? If so, I'm thinking that it would be interesting to have the option to add a template to an article's talk page that shows its ORES score as well as its ORES percentile rank on a particular wiki.

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