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On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 4:07 PM, Aaron Halfaker <> wrote:
Hey folks!  

I just posted a new update to the blog.   This update covers roughly the last month.

As of July 1st, we are officially the Scoring Platform team. We're welcoming Adam Wight to the team officially.  There will be a nice announcement that we'll post to the Wikimedia Blog in a few days. 

The last ~month was very productive, but we had two major production issues[1,2]. As you will see in the blog post, there's a series of tasks that address problems that were related to these issues.

Despite dealing with production issues, we've been able to get a very substantial change to the revscoring library merged. This change will make accessing information about models (build environment, test statistics, scoring thresholds, etc.) much easier. This will cause a breaking change in ORES UI so we'll be making an announcement when we roll it out. Stay tuned.

We've also increased our language and model coverage substantially. We even built and deployed a totally new type of model to help out French Wikisource!

See the post for more details :) 


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