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Hello all , I hope you are doing well ,I am inviting you to fill in a form in the preparation of WikiIndaba conference 2022.

Your kind and prompt response will be highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely
Derrick Ndahiro

WikiIndaba 2022 in Rwanda Conference Community Engagement Survey -
The purpose of this survey is to help conference organizers plan a regional conference for the community.
Your responses will help organizers understand what level of demand there is for the event (how many people in your community think it is important that the event happens) and begin to get consensus on what topics are important to this community.
    Strategic conversations: discussing issues affecting your community that need to be resolved
    Working groups: working on projects that are difficult to plan online
    Capacity building: learning skills that will help your community achieve its goals
    Community building: meeting people, learning about new projects, sharing your talents, and having fun
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