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From: Nkansah Rexford
Date: 15-12-2014 11:07 pm
To: Wikimedia-gh; Mailing list for African Wikimedians
Subject:  [Wikimedia-GH] Fwd: Wikimania Documentary Done


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From: "Nkansah Rexford" <nkansahrexford@gmail.com>
Date: Dec 15, 2014 11:06 PM
Subject: Wikimania Documentary Done
To: "Wikimania general list (open subscription)" <wikimania-l@lists.wikimedia.org>

Hello everyone,

The final version of the Wikimania Documentary can be found on YouTube. Will push to Commons by end of this week as it requires a bit of alteration to make it fully Wikimedia Commons License compliant.

Wikimania 2014 Documentary: http://youtu.be/1444m7vhhFo

Interviews taken at the conference will be released to public soon. Currently awaiting the video's public-going approval from the interviewees.

Subtitles will be added soon to the documentary video on YouTube. Editing the videos wasn't as difficult to me as adding the subtitles. Dang!

Thanks for all your support and assistance.

Will love to also hear from and get in touch with our friends inĀ  Kazakhstan.

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