Dear All

Wiki Loves Africa saw 17,811 entries to the competition this year. This is an enormous amount of entries and to do them justice, we need the help of all the teams.

This year, we are asking the local teams to please set up their own internal judging panels to create a shortlist - with the idea to reduce the number of quality images to 10% for each country. This 10% will be submitted to the final 2 rounds of the continental judging. Of course you can, as a team, then finalize this short list into a national prize …! 
Due to a range of issues, but mostly my fault - we are delayed on setting up the Montage for team judging. I am now on the case - and apologise for the delay. Once the Montage team and I have the judging set up, I will be in touch. In the meanwhile, please assemble your judges so that you are ready to get started.  

Important … Please send me the email address and username of each of the team members for each country that wishes to be in charge of the judging process.

I am expecting to be in touch before the season begins, but I wish you all a wonderful festive season and a magnificent end to this year!