Hi Ingo,

Thanks for your email.
Here the answer to your questions:
a-The scholarship form is available now in the column Registration & Participants (here also the link for it: link). We listed under documentation the list of questions in case someone would like to have the questions, prepare the answers and then submit the form.

b-As indicated above, the questions have been listed there so participants can check them before submitting the form: in case they would like to prepare the answer before starting the scholarship form. A link to the scholarship form has been added in the page.

c-The order has been changed so it will be first in the list under Conference Program column.

Co-founder of WM TN User Group

Le lundi 18 décembre 2017 à 16:26:45 UTC+1, Ingo Koll <ikoll@gmx.de> a écrit :

Hi everybody
I was asked from the Tanzanian group about upcoming WikiIndaba. When I
open the site
https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiIndaba_conference_2018, I find it
still with many empty spaces and some information in between.

Altogether I find the site not easy to navigate. To find the sub page
where to register is a challenge.
It is hidden at the end under "documentation" , I do not get it via
"Registration & Participants" where I looked for it. Maybe that can be
made easier?

3 more remarks:
a) there is a deadline for scholarships until Mid-January but "Apply for
a scholarship" leads nowhere
b) What to do with the many questions at
? Copy the text into an email and answer there? It is better to put some
advice there.
c) we are asked to register interest for participation under the
headline "Questions and Needs"
That is not so clear among the meany headings on the page that this is
the one to start with

I wish for the team good energy in their preparations!
!! حظ سعيد
Ingo - Kipala

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