We, in the DRC, would love to have a french translator.

Where's the link for the meeting?


Abel L. Mbula
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On Thursday 29 October 2020 17:54, kayode yussuf <kayusyussuf@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear community members,

I write to invite you to the West African Strategy Meetup. The Meetup will be opened by Katherine Maher, the CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation. Other senior executives of the foundation will also be around to answer any questions we may have.

The Meetup will delve into the recommendations for the strategy process as listed here http://bit.ly/RecommendationsOnePager. Strategy design support staff will also be on ground to answer any questions. We will also discuss what is next for African communities concerning how to host your community prioritization events and joining the global events.

Why should you and your community members attend?
The strategy process is important for African communities. Being part of implementing the recommendations in 2021 is a great opportunity for us to play an active role in shaping the movement's future and this preparatory call will help position us to participate effectively in the process.

There will be live interpretations to the major African languages during the Meetup, so please feel free to reach me (kayusyussuf@yahoo.com) if you are able to translate into a local language during the call or if you have a local community that will need language translation to fully participate.

Please see the meeting details below.
Date: October 31st, 2020
Time: 15:00 UTC
Venue: Zoom
Meeting link: bit.ly/WestAfricaStrategy2030

Please download the Zoom app and try to connect at least 10 minutes before 15:00 UTC. 

Please share with your local networks and encourage them to attend so they understand the recommendations before you host your local prioritization events.

Thank you.

Kayode Yussuf