Hello gals and guys

In case you missed it, I wanted to inform you of the forthcoming Africa Destubathon

What ?

The idea is simple: blast away as many of our 37,000 + Africa stubs as possible! There will hopefully be a prize to the editor who fleshes out the most stubs from every country of Africa.
All that is required for this is basic article expansions and improvements. To "destub" an article all you have to do is ensure it's minimum 1.5 kb (1500 characters) readable prose in total
The existing text and text you add is expected to all be verifiable and adequately sourced to reliable sources, with the expected Wikipedia:Citations drawn up. Whoever "destubs" the most articles for a given country wins a prize, and whoever wins the most "destubs" for the most countries will be crowned the overall winner.

Where ?



Starting Oct 15

Anything special ?

There will be special prizes for whoever destub the more African Women articles

We need your help NOW

Advices (on the talk page) and endorsement (on the grant page) are welcome (if you feel like it is a good idea of course)