NB: looking at it: they might even work manually, not purely by bot?

On 05.03.2020 19:21, Ingo Koll wrote:

Hi everybody

I noticed a sudden expansion of arz.wikipedia (Egyptian Arabic dialect version). Can one of our Arabic speakers help (it would save time for me as my Arabic is bati' ktir -too slow)?

Arz.wiki used to hover under 20,000 articles for years, was at 24,000 until November 2019 and then started adding, reaching 158,107 today 5 March 2020 (adding 10,000 articles in the 5 days of March!). Looks like some programme doing articles. I wonder: is there anything readable coming out of it? Is it actually masri or do they just copy regular existing material from ar.wikipedia? Appreciate our Arabic speakers' wisdom!  Cheers, Ingo - Kipala from sw.wiki

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