As I'm new to the list, I'll do a short presentation.  I'm Paulo, from Wikimedia Portugal, and I live in Madeira Island, a Portuguese island which geographically is part of the African continental platform.

During last Art+Feminism events here at Funchal, we've started a collaboration with a Portuguese feminine association, Associação Presença Feminina, which has a number of partnerships, collaborations and initiatives in Africa, and a very close contact with the African communities living in Madeira.

We are planning a number of joint initiatives, including one to celebrate the coming Day of Africa, next 25 May, with an edit-a-thon with a focus in Africa, mainly Guine-Bissau, and aiming at the participation of the African communities living here at Madeira.

Are there other similar initiatives going on in the Wikimedia Movement, in Africa and other parts of the world, celebrating the Day of Africa? If so, we would be very glad to join you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Paulo Santos Perneta
Wikimedia Portugal