Hi Ingo,

I continue to think about some of your concerns this afternoon, particularly the concerns that most images uploaded as part of WLA are not in used on Wikipedia articles. 

I thought of  how to solve this problem and three (3) ideas came to my mind. 

1. Communities or individuals should organize events that will primarily focus on use of images uploaded as part of WLA on Wikipedia articles

2. Organize a sperate contest that will focus on use of images uploaded as part of WLA on Wikipedia articles

3. Have the next theme focus on using images uploaded in past editions on Wikipedia articles.

I don't know what the contest organizers think of these ideas but I'd probably open a sperate discussion with them on what they think might work best.



On Wed, Nov 13, 2019, 4:09 PM ingokoll <ikollgmx@gmail.com wrote:

Hi Isaac, thanks for your interesting take on the image competitions. I shared  here a year or 2 years ago my (random) evaluation of usage of image coming out from Wiki Loves Africa etc. I saw then that the vast majority of these images was not used anywhere on wikipedia. My impression was they were not used because they were -even if sometimes beautiful-   rather useless for an encyclopedia, and that the vast majority probably will never be used. So from this evaluation, I  thought it does not look productive  to spend time, effort and  money on collecting encyclopedically useless pictures.

Maybe things have changed? What is the percentage nowadays of competition images used anywhere?

I thought that the main focus could be "closing the white spots on the digital map of knowledge of Africa". Whatever helps is great ! Images of which nobody can tell where, what, who is pictured - do they help?  

Hopefully ISA can help to save a bit of that material. I gladly do my share (if I get the language setting to Swahili working)

Cheers, Ingo

Am 13.11.2019 um 09:15 schrieb Isaac Olatunde:
Hello Ingo,

It would be counterproductive to not accept images that are not properly described or categorized. Most participants of WLX (WLA, WLE, WLM) are new people who probably does not understand the importance of proper description and categorizations. Thus, if the organizers of WLA has come up with ISA to solve some of these problems, I honestly think we can support them as a community.



On Wed, Nov 13, 2019, 6:43 AM Ingo Koll <ikoll@gmx.de wrote:

Hi, I logged in twice to ISA yesterday and today and tried to change the language preference.  Was told every time  "Something Went Wrong! Isa might be undergoing maintenance".

Is that functional?

Besides: I commend the attempt to clean up but in future we should not have to clean up. I had proposed earlier that there is no point inviting and accepting images which are not properly described and categorized.

Cheers  Ingo - Kipala

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