Let's collect what we have.
Put on table what can be put on table (a sample tee-shirt. Leaflets. printed Wikibooks)
Stick on the wall what can go there (a poster, a picture print of a meeting, stickers)
Maybe propose a plate of cookies (or whatever delicacies can be brought over) at coffee break
Advertisement for the mailing list (it can be written on a simple piece of paper)
If someone can come with a pull-up banner, great
Maybe someone can create a simple visual to list all currently approved african chapters and user groups, with whatever contacts possible (the person doing it does need to come to Wikimania to do that...)

In short, whatever you can provide to showcase as Felix says.

If we can man it (hmmm, man it... ) at coffee breaks... great. If we can not, too bad. No one should feel stuck there.

I'd say... keep it simple. No hassle.

If you guys feel supportive with the idea, I can create a meta page to find out
* who will come
* who can bring what
* who can provide what

Even if someone is not coming, he can prepare stuff to print, or can put stuff in the luggage of somebody else. or post mail stuff provided that we do not do that 2 days before Wikimania.

Le 16/06/15 12:57, Felix Nartey a écrit :

Not like that but rather a unified or collective effort towards showcasing what each country has got in representing Africa.


On Jun 16, 2015 10:32 AM, "Nkansah Rexford" <> wrote:
That will mean representatives from each country at the Africa space will take turns in manning the space?

On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, Felix Nartey <> wrote:

Hi All,

I am in support of Florence's suggestion especially in this case where there isn't enough representation from Africa.

It won't make sense if only Bobby reserves a space for Wikimedia ZA or Habib for Tunisia Use group at the community village. Even if they decide to, that means they will hardly enjoy the conference since most of their time will be spent under their space and more especially when they are just one each representing their respective countries.

I am saddened to say that Africa will be highly underrepresented at this year's Wikimania. I hope this doesn't repeat in subsequent years.


On Jun 16, 2015 8:32 AM, "Florence Devouard" <> wrote:
Hi Rex

The main reason why I was suggesting a collective table is that I am NOT sure there will be participants from many countries.
As hinted by Raphael, there will be no one from Ghana. Will they be anyone from Ivory Coast ? From Uganda ? From Ethiopia ? Even from South Africa ? etc.
The other thing is that even if there ONE person (or even 2) from a country... it is unlikely that he will manage the table all by himself during three days. He better enjoy moving around and benefit from all what Wikimania can offer.

It may be that Tunisia has enough participants to be able to manage a table. It may be that they will be the only ones. I do not know if they asked for a table.

Well, a collective table would have the following benefits
* team work, getting to know each other better
* showing the other wikimedians what is being done in Africa.
* showing them as well that Africa still need way more representation...
* insure a little presence even from missing countries

And yeah... I am also thinking that in case we have a table and in case it has no volunteer managing the table during most of Wikimania, it somehow also carries a strong message.
"African wikimedians do exist but they are not here"


Le 16/06/15 01:25, Nkansah Rexford a écrit :
Hi Florence,

I have no idea who is coming from Ghana to Wikimania this year (perhaps someone will, yet isn't within our community that we know). As at now, no one confirmed from our end here concerning attending wikimania

During Wikimania London, I remember there was not an explicitly assigned collective space for African teams, but the African teams were in close proximity, in fact, in a sequential order.  The teams weren't under the 'Africa' collective name, but it was easy finding where the African teams were located.

The sequence was ZA, Ghana, and Tunisia: 

How about instead of requesting for a collective space 'for Africa', maybe during the placing and arrangement of African teams in the community village structure, African teams are placed in sequence? ex. say, Ghana - Table 1,  Tunisia - Table 2, ZA - Table 3, then other communities follow, so with a stop at Table - 1, it easier spotting subsequent African countries, just like it was arranged for London?


On Monday, June 15, 2015, Florence Devouard <> wrote:
Eh !

You have been very silent on this topic my friends :)

No feedback at all ?


Le 11/06/15 12:54, Florence Devouard a écrit :
Hello everyone

Isla and I were talking about Wikimania this morning and an idea showed up :)

It seems there will be a "community village" this year in Mexico :
Last year, it was very successful in London and many chapters had their own space.
In most cases, there were 2-4 people sitting at each space to answer any question. Posters, leaflets, books and more generally marketing material. And food.

Whilst it would be probably challenging to imagine a space for each user-group/chapter in Africa, we could maybe share a collective space to represent Africa and what is being done here. What do you think ?

Through Kumusha and Wiki Loves Africa, we have a bunch of objects we can show. I remember South Africa had made some leaflets about some of their projects. I know Ivory Coast has made some as well. What do you have to share that we could put on a collective table ?

Also, amongst the recognized user groups, did some already request a space ? (Tunisia ?)

And who is coming to Wikimania ?


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