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Great news to hear about the arrival of Woubzena !!! Welcome !

Alex, I have a clarification question. What does exactly define "open" in "will only be allowed to have three open grants at any one time"

Does "open" include "pending grant requests currently under review" for example ? Or does "open" only include "accepted grant requests until final report is submitted"

Actually, what is unclear in my mind is what is exactly the "starting date" and the "ending date" of the "open window"

As such, starting date could for example mean
1) the date when we submit a grant request
2) the date where the grant request is officially accepted
3) the date where the funds are actually sent
4) the date where the project actually officially start (as declared on the grant request)

The end date could for example mean
1) the date the project officially close as declared on the grant request (I think that would be a bad choice :))
2) the date the final report is officially submitted
3) the date the WMF officially declared the grant closed (after review of the documentation)

Which case is selected... might imply a BIG difference in particular for project grant.

For example, if I take the example of Wiki Loves Africa... The submission request was made in February 2017 (roughly...). The approval was in July 2017. The money was received in September 2017. The final report is likely to be submitted in March 2018. And I guess it may take a couple of additional months at least to get it reviewed by the grant team, so perhaps June 2018. If "open" is July-June... fine. If "open" is February-June... tough. That would mean that any "Wiki Loves" contest which runs annually will actually count 2 projects running at any given time.

Can you clarify ?



Le 16/11/2017 à 00:02, Alex Wang a écrit :

We are sending this message to select community mailing lists and all previous recipients of a Wikimedia Foundation Rapid Grant. We have three announcements regarding the Rapid Grants Program:

1. New Rapid Grants Program Officer! 

We are very happy to announce we have hired a Program Officer for Rapid Grants -- Woubzena Jifar! She started at WMF on November 13th. Over the last year we have struggled to keep up with the growing demand for Rapid Grants and are excited to be able to add capacity to our team to better (and more rapidly) support the Wikimedia communities. Please see her staff bio here:  https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/User:WJifar_(WMF). You can contact her at wjifar@wikimedia.org or rapidgrants@wikimedia.org.

2. Three grant cap for individuals, groups, and organizations

Beginning December 1, 2017 any individual, group, or organization will only be allowed to have three open grants at any one time [1]. This includes both Rapid Grants and Project Grants. For example, you can have 2 Rapid Grants and 1 Project Grant, 3 Rapid Grants, etc. This is to ensure that grantees and project managers have enough capacity to reach their goals and meet the requirements of the grant agreement. Conference Grants are not included in this cap. Annual Plan Grantees are not eligible for Rapid or Project Grants. 

3. Rapid Grants will be closed December 18, 2017 - January 14, 2018

We will not be accepting new grant proposals December 18-January 14. The last day to submit a new proposal before the end of the year will be December 15th. This will give us a week before our offices close for the remainder of 2017 to review and make decisions. We will begin accepting new proposals again on Monday, January 15th. 

If you have any questions, please email rapidgrants@wikimedia.org



[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/Rapid/Learn

Alexandra Wang
Program Officer
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