Hello John

I gave it a quick look and it seemed really really cool.
I saw on the map that there was one non covered region in South Africa. I will take care of it this week and share my return on experience.


Le 20/05/16 à 23:23, john cummings a écrit :
Hi all

I'm very happy to say that UNESCO has made the official descriptions of all Biosphere Reserve sites available under a Wikipedia compatible license. Currently around 440 (out of 670) of the Biosphere Reserves do not have an English language Wikipedia article.

These descriptions can be used as the missing Wikipedia articles with very little adaption. I have created (with a lot of help) a pretty snazzy Wikidata map and a set of instructions to help people create the missing articles. As far as I know this is the first time someone has done something like this The people who have already used the instructions say it takes around 10 minutes to create a new article, which is quite fast I think. Please give it a try. You can use the map to see which articles are missing in each country.


I would really love it if you could create some articles (there are quite a few missing sites in Africa) and also retweet me to help more people know about it. Once the articles are created in English I'm hoping that it will make it easier for people to create articles in other languages as well.


Thanks very much


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