AFAIK, the Commons app is indeed abandoned by WMF.  The problem is that allowing resumable uploads requires changes on the server side as well, not just the app or browser. 

While the Commons server supports "chunked uploads"[1], that still doesn't solve the problem of trying to upload a modest (say 1MB) photo on a choppy 1x connection.  It seems to me that market forces and economic development efforts will gradually improve speeds in Africa, and our the best hope for alleviation of this problem. :(



On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 1:41 PM, Emmanuel Engelhart <> wrote:
On 02.12.2014 23:01, Kasper Souren wrote:
While trying to upload some pictures to I'm
starting to understand at least one part of the issue. Internet
connections are really bad. Very high ping times, both at the French
institute as well as in the hotel I'm staying in now, which I can't
easily consider cheap (at least in terms of pricing).

Is there a robust way to upload pictures to Commons over bad internet

No AFAIK. Revamping the Commons app should be one of tech. priority to increase involvement in Africa. But, this is not a priority at the WMF AFAIK, so we should find a way to work on this.


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