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Sujet : Re: [African Wikimedians] Organising a writing contest for Notable women for Wikipedia@15
Date : Wed, 6 Jan 2016 22:30:18 +0100
De : Florence Devouard <>
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To give more flesh to the project, I created a page on the French Wikipedia about the contest.

Please have a look and comment (even those English speaking should be able to comment at least on the structure :))écriture

Le 06/01/16 12:17, Florence Devouard a écrit :
I gave more thinking and exploring on the matter and what is below is my opinion only. I wanted to share my thoughts with you on the matter.

My preference would go for "open teams" (which may perfectly include country teams, but may also include mixed teams or solos !).

Here are my arguments. Country based teams:
* it tips the game in favor of countries which a larger user base. An article has more chance to be good based on the number of the contributors than on the effort and commitment of individuals; An isolated individual is likely not to bother participate because he will be alone in his country team and will not feel his input will not make a difference.
* it excludes to a large extent non african people; I think contributions to the contest should be able to come from everywhere;
* it excludes all those who would be willing to participate to the contest, but will not because they do not wish to give information about their geographical location;
* it excludes cross-participation between countries; there is richness in co-writing with 2-3 other people who are actually participating to THAT article because they have a degree of expertise or interest on the matter, rather than because it was chosen by the country team;
* it puts limitations on the degree of interaction we may have with the global community. A few months ago, some discussions I had with some of you made me told me that some of you feel not "part" of the global mouvement and not informed enough on how the projects operate online. Well, making the contest a "country team" only is creating your own gates and self-enclosing rather than joigning. Do you really want to create your own gates ? :)

Last... I do not know if there are writing contests on the English Wikipedia. I need to look. But I know there are some on the French Wikipedia. The best way to get us visibility is to somehow get in that framework. I asked on the French Wikipedia yesterday evening if it was possible to join the WikiConcours. I only got one feedback until now, but it is favorable. Generally we would fit there. Note that they usually call their team by rather boring names such as "Team 21" or "Team 37" but we can be cool and give them better names such as "Team Nigeria" or "Team NameOfWoman".