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Nice one Rex and Mohomodou!

I will take a look  at that Ewe (ewegbe) too! https://translatewiki.net/w/i.php?title=Special:Translate&action=proofread&group=out-kiwix&language=ee&filter=


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On Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 10:03 AM, Mohomodou Houssouba <mh@bollag-areal.ch> wrote:
Dear Emmanuel,

I am happy to hear about the neat inroads made by Kiwix into Malian schools. I wasn't aware of it– and to be honest, I lack basic, critical information about the situation on the ground. So, if you have links, contacts, or other sources, please send them my way.

This is probably due to the roundabout way I came to Wikimedia project, through a Mozilla meeting in 2011. (This is where I am most involved since 2009.) Amir encouraged me then and at subsequent Mozilla meetings, but I could never get around to it. Iolanda brought me to this list a weeks ago. So I can understand the difficulty of getting someone in Mali to focus on this. Anyway I got around it this fall. I am happy to know that it will be released and tested. I have invited potential users to look at the translation and send me any feedback they might have. This way we could improve the user-interface further together.

And since I mentioned Mozilla more than once, if it's at all relevant, from now on those end-users could surf the whole Mozilla website in Songhay. Firefox too will come out soon for PC and mobile devices. Since my Translatewiki translation is strongly influenced by the Mozilla localization work, combining their use could increase familiarity with the terminology. Even though the formulations are not identical. I consider the translation of interfaces a dynamic process, so I'd love to hear from users of all levels of experience.

A restful weekend to you and best regards,

On 18.12.14 15:48, Emmanuel Engelhart wrote:
Dear Mohomodou

I really appreciate this!

Like you might know part of the development work of Kiwix takes place in Mali and Kiwix is broadly installed in Malian schools.

Translatewiki had also added support of Songhai on our request and we have been waiting to this translation for around a year.

Thus, thank you very much, this translation will be included to Kiwix base code and make available for end-users in next releases of the software.

Kind regards

On 16.12.2014 10:30, Mohomodou Houssouba wrote:
Dear Emmanuel,

Thank you for the information and the links. I translated it into
Songhay (ses) in which Translatewiki has already been localized.

Best regards,

On 11.12.14 11:49, Emmanuel Engelhart wrote:

at Kiwix, we do our best to support as much as possible the
"local/minor" languages. That means providing offline versions of
smaller wikis but also provide localised user interface.

Kiwix user interface is localised by volunteers on Translatewiki. You
can get there a good overview of the current status for each language:

Kiwix user interface is already translated in more than 100 languages
but you can see by yourself that many essential African languages are
still not fully translated. For this reason we can't integrate them as
"supported language" to the software.

Thus, this would be really great if a few readers of this mailing list
help to improve Kiwix localisation in their mother tongue. Translate
the whole set of strings in one language takes only a few hours and
can really benefit to thousands of Kiwix users (but many of the
languages are already partly translated).

Here is how to start:

Thank you in advance for your help.


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