thanks for forwarding the e-mail - I had already got it under my wikipedia username of Lloffiwr. That is the 'name' that may be recognised by other wikipedians in Tanzania as my name.


From: Janet Chapman <>
Sent: Monday, 11 August 2014, 8:34
Subject: [African Wikimedians] Subsribe

From: Dumisani Ndubane []
Sent: 10 August 2014 15:58
To: <>; <>; <>; Achal Prabhala; Adele Vrana; David Richfield; Douglas Scott; Florence Devouard; Iolanda Pensa; Isla Haddow-flood; Janet Chapman; Nkansah Rexford; Peter Gallert;; maarten deneckere;;; Theresa Hume
Subject: Follow up on Africa Meet up -- Take 2
Hello everyone
As per our discussion, herewith link to the two forms of communications:
We will be working on improving the meta page to include User names and areas of specializations.
I will also post minutes of our meeting including resolutions when I get home. For those of you travelling back home, godspeed and our friends in Diaspora bonvoyage.
Dumisani Ndubane

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