Hello Kasper

I regret I could only connect today to answer your email :(

I wanted to outline that both Kumusha Takes Wiki and Wiki Loves Africa are being conducted in English and French


I was quite disappointed by the limited participation of Cameroom to the photo contest. Given the effort already been done in that country to train editors and to promote the project, I expected more input.

Just saying...


Le 30/11/14 13:40, Kasper Souren a écrit :
My email was sent too quickly. There are few more things I wanted to bring up:

I'm curious about (creating) connections between Francophone and
Anglophone contributors. It seems WikiAfrica has mainly been about the
English Wikipedia and Afripédia is almost only about the French
Wikipedia.  How many people on this list speak French? How many have
contributed to French language projects?

And then there is the question of African languages. Personally I
think this is where Africa can gain most. How many of you have
contributed in African languages? Which languages Any obstacles?

There is a mailinglist list about Wikipedia in African languages which
has been active since 2006:

On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 12:58 PM, Enock Seth Nyamador
<kwadzo459@gmail.com> wrote:
I believe some Wikimedians in Cameroon also on this list have already
connedcted with you.
Yeah I have exchanged a few emails, it's a bit hard to keep up with
everyone and I also have to adapt to the heat :)

It would be great if we can have dinner together, we can try to gather
all the participants and other Wikimedians who are present in Douala
who are interested.  I can post here and on https://twitter.com/guaka
when I know more about a possible location for this.

a k'an be,

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