Hi all

I have met a few of you over Skype and in person before at Wikimedia events, I'm currently working at UNESCO.

May 5th is African World Heritage Day and I was thinking about running a small online campaign for it.


I have an idea and would like to know what you thought and how it could be improved upon.

I would like to encourage editors in many languages to write Wikipedia and Wikivoyage articles about the World Heritage sites in Africa through social media and also on Wikipedia and Wikivoyage.

I want to make this as multilingual as possible so I've used dynamic Wikidata Lists to create this table which shows which articles are available in which language. I think its a really nice way to create a project 'hit list' using Wikidata.


There are a few Wikidata items down the bottom of the list that are blank or with very few articles, I need to fix this, they're duplicate items so don't point to any articles or only one or two.

Some questions I'm currently thinking about:All thoughts welcome