Hello everyone,

I set up a page on the Wiki Loves Africa portal.
This is here : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Africa_2017/Call_to_action

What is it ?
It is a call to action with a set of goals. The goal is to make sure that AT LEAST 3000 pictures from each Wiki Loves Africa are reused in Wikipedia.
Not 3000 unique pictures. A picture may be used on several languages.

How is it done ?
I used Glamify. That tool look at which image is currently used in an article in a source language, and when it is, it looks if this article has an equivalent article in another language (the target). If it does and if the picture is only used in the source language, then it will suggest adding it to the target language.
Example here : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Africa_2017/Call_to_action/en_yo_2014
There are 4 images currently used in an English article which could be used in a Yoruba article.

How the call is going to work ?
There is the page. On the page, you may see the usage starting point. For example, for Wiki Loves Africa 2014,  there are 1717 images used. Majority on the French Wikipedia. Then a hundred or so in English and Arabic. Then usage goes down for the other languages (I only added the top 10).
Chance is that those uses in French, English and Arabic can help figure out where to add those pictures in other languages. Right ?
Check out the queries below in the page, and use them to add pictures. I listed a bunch of queries examples (more queries can be done of course).
Then I added a %bar, which is fully manually managed. Hopefully... we'll reach 100% at some point...
There is no deadline really... The sooner we reach 3000, the better :)

How can you use that call ?
As an individual from your home of course.
But I also suggest that page can be used to coordinate and foster activities during an edit-a-thon. It is a good opportunity to learn how to insert images properly, position, legend, gallery maybe. Also a good opportunity to make sure the image has enough categories and description in all languages.
Perhaps doing a fresh query and making it a challenge to insert all relevant pictures from English to a local language wikipedia over an edit-a-thon?

I hope you enjoy it


Additional help call...

1) This page would benefit from more queries being added (such as ... Arabic inspire English etc.)
All current queries are here : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Wiki_Loves_Africa_2017/Call_to_action_queries

2) The queries are done by hand (request one query by one query on Glamify; then research and replace some content so that the links work on Commons rather than meta). This is a bit ridiculous as obviously those queries could be fully automated. If any one feel like doing a little bit of magic here to get it done automatically... would be awesome.

3) If anyone feel like updating the page to make it look nicer, more appealing, clearer... BE MY GUEST. Please do.