I completely agree with Ola here.

I would like to bring my European perspective on the matter :)

About 10 years ago, we started having a regular annual Wikimedia meeting in Europe.
Most of those years, it has been hosted by Germany, though I also remember at least one edition in Netherlands.

It happened because...
* Germany was the richest chapter
* Germany had more staff, so more logistical support
* Germany is pretty central, with good access from everywhere
* Germany is a rather low cost country compared to others
* Tolerant/Supportive to gays, vegetarian diet, watery beer but great night clubs and music
* etc.

but all those reasons fade behind ONE big reason.

They just wanted to do it because they felt it was important.
Other countries were interested as well... wanted to do it... felt they had a duty to do it... felt the country needed to turn... but they were not pro-active because they were not HIGHLY motivated as Germans were.

So what did Germans do ?
Very simple... they were pro-active :)
They did not only talk, they acted.

They prepared a solid proposition, with location, hosting solutions, travel options, program outline, budget.
Posted it on meta.
Requested feedback and support.

Some links of interest
* https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:PEG/WM_DE/Wikimedia_Conference_2015
* https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Conference
* https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Chapters_meeting_2009 (this is a link to the first one organized in Germany)
* https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Conference_2010 (the same, in 2010. It gives a good idea of what you could start with)



Le 16/12/15 08:11, Olaniyan Olushola a écrit :
Dear Douglas
 I really appreciate your comment on the subject at hand. And to Felix, you are on point on all your suggestions. ‎

Douglas,  mentioned 2 key issues in your submission:

1. Inability of the South African Chapter to host for now, due to short of resources.

2. The need for editors in Africa to be more active in their contributions by way of editing and community activities. 

This is my position: ‎

Without any prejudice to  the position of  South African Chapter of WMF as the shining light of Africa in WMF. However, we need to understand that Wikindaba though  conceptualized by South Africans but it's a project for all the Wikipedians community in Africa. Therefore,  if we believed that it's not dead yet.  Therefore, another country should take up the gauntlet of hosting the new edition . In doing this, we can follow Felix suggestion by selecting one person per affiliate to form a committee that will assist in planning and selection of a host nation. 

Douglas, to confirm the growth of Wikimedia in Africa. As at the last Wikindaba, . If I am not mistaken, we only have Tunisia as the only  User Group and South Africa as the only Chapter . But at the moment we have additional Three User Groups which include: Nigeria, Ghana, Cotevoire.  

Lastly, if  collaboration among these groups is strengthen through a continental wide activities. No doubt, more editors will be discovered subsequently our contributions will soar to the sky. A very good example is wiki Loves Africa 

Olaniyan Olushola
Team Lead, Wikimedia User Group Nigeria

The SOUL OF WIKINDABA is begging us for our revival‎
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Hi @Flo,

We will discuss about an activity during the staff meeting of our User
Group this saturday. So it's after this meeting we can share our project
about #Wikipedia15.

2015-12-15 14:25 GMT+00:00 Florence Devouard <anthere@anthere.org>:


No one answered that email :)
I take it that no other plans have been organized for Wikipedia 15 beyond
Tunisia, Ghana and maybe Nigeria ?

Just checking ...


Le 08/12/15 22:28, Florence Devouard a écrit :

Hello friends

I just discussed with the WMF team in charge of communication related to
Wikipedia 15 and I was wondering which events were organized/planned in
Africa to celebrate Wikipedia 15.

The central hub to discuss/organize Wikipedia 15 is here :

I see two events recorded in Africa.
One in Ghana, by Ghana user group, for a day ending with dinner :
One in Tunisia, by Tunisia user group, with a dinner celebrations
(including WLM and WLA)

I am aware of the grant request from Nigeria


Are there other events foreseen ?


Quels évènements/célébrations sont-elles prévues en Afrique pour célébrer
Wikipedia 15 le 15 janvier ?


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