Good day community members,

I trust we are all keeping safe? Apologies for cross-posting.

As with my last update, the Transition Design Team is rounding up its work, has put out a draft ( and now needs inputs from the community.

You can read my update on this draft here

To this end, the team from Africa is planning to organize a briefing session with the community on Saturday, August 15th, 2020 by 5pm UTC.

During the session, we will discuss the work done so far, what is expected from the community and also answer questions you may have.

Meeting link is

Please see a draft agenda of the meeting below.
* Introduction - Kayode - 5 mins
* Movement Strategy Presentation - Anass - 10 mins
* How Africa can participate - Bachounda - 10 mins
* Possible challenges for African participation - Kayode - 10 mins
* Questions and answers - 10 mins
* Closing remarks - Mehrdad - 5 mins

Please share this message with your communities especially on your mailing lists and social media pages.

Also feel free to reach out to Anass, Bacounda or I if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Kayode Yussuf