This does sound like a good opportunity!  2017 is a bit in the "science fiction" range in Wikimedian planning terms, I think, so I don't think there's anything concrete to do before, say, late 2015 at the earliest.  Let us hope that during that time the Ghana community grows some more, and think about capacity-building steps we can take in the meantime.


On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 10:37 AM, Iolanda Pensa <> wrote:
In 2017 (August 9-13), the ACASA Art Council of the African Studies Association is having its triennial meeting in Ghana. it is the first time in Africa.

1. It is a very relevant conference for Wikimedia issues. it is an event attended by: researchers from Africa and focussed on Africa, people involved in art and cultural heritage, and representatives of international institutions (museums from the continent and outside, i.e. many South African institutions are normally present at the conference, and there are also very well-known names such as US museums and universities like Smithsonian, Brooklyn, Harvard).
2. the association ACASA is already working on the logistics and the board is composed of very nice people
3. the event is in 2017 - time to plan fundraising for scholarships, communication and involvement of people from the continent also related to Wikimedia
4. Ghana has a group of people already active on the Wikimedia projects.
5. wikimedia events can be training for all participants, presentations, and it is also possible to create a pre-event or post-event just for Wikimedia volunteers if relevant.

I wanted to launch the idea for an African gathering in another country (as suggested by Wikimedia ZA) but with a light management work.
what do you think?
all the best

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